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Koomarri uses ‘Person-centred’ approaches to how we deliver our services to our clients and employees. A person centred approach asks: Who is this person? and What community opportunities will enable this person to pursue their interests in a positive way?  about every individual who receives our services. A person centred approach recognises that families, friends and personal networks are the foundations of a rich and valued life, and that making the right relationships enables people to meet their basic needs for love, affection and involvement in life around them.

Person centredness comes from the relationships formed between people.  In human services it refers generally to the relationship and approach of people who become involved in the life of vulnerable, disadvantaged or disabled people. This relationship is founded on positive assumptions about the person, a positive vision about future possibilities, positive values and sound ethical behaviour towards the person. The authenticity of achieving person centeredness can only be finally determined by the person (and /or those very close them).

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Social Role Valorisation (SRV)

Social Role Valorization is the analysis of human relationships and human services. Koomarri utilises SRV theory to assist people with disability to participate and contribute to community life. SRV is a social theory which, when properly applied provides a valuable framework for supporting vulnerable and devalued people within society. SRV provides the goal of gaining access to the ‘good things in life’ by ensuring a valued social role for every person who is at risk of being devalued. SRV focuses on using the right methods to achieve this goal through activities, settings and staff valued by the general community for valued people of the same age.

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Advance Instructional Methods

Advance Instructional Methods uses the proven clinical theories of positive psychology to assist clients with real life skills acquisition and behavioural intervention programmes. Based on collaboration with the individual, their family, natural networks and service providers, realistic and achievable programmes are developed for the person to allow them to achieve new skills and in turn access greater opportunities for a fulfilling life.

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