Services and supports

Koomarri provides support for people to connect and be actively involved in the life of their local community. Once we get to know you and develop a personalised plan, our team will support you in participating in skill development, hobbies and community activities based on your personal goals.

We recognise that everyone is an individual - we are different ages, have had different life experience and we like different things. This is why Koomarri offers you:

  1. SUPPORT - that is best suited to you and what you need to be happy and engaged
  2. CHOICE - about the people who will work with you
  3. OPPORTUNITY - to connect with people and places that interest you

Our services include one to one support to help you achieve great independence, cooking and sewing courses, social groups and creative classes. All service delivery programs focus on developing living skills and improving connections with people and places in the local community. 

For full details on our programs, including registration information please click on the menu links on the left of this page or if you have a specific query please complete the form below and we will get back to you shortly.